The Beauty or Ugliness of this negotiation.........

Whispers could either be loud or silent depending on whose ears they fall. Rumors are created by those who have little information or scanty facts that form it's foundation and sure enough would crumble simply because they stand on shifting sand. Voiced speculations lead to rumors and they never fail to catch those who ears are itchy. After the fall out of the Clippers and Celtics negotiation, everything else is speculation. That's the beauty of negotiations. It's like a chess game and one tries to develop variant moves to anticipate every move his opponent is thinking. Or it could be like a poker game where one thinks that he has the best card when in fact he does not. So here we are, spectators, trying to second guess the moves of the two parties involved and we create our own speculations based on available information being fed to us by the media. The amusing and entertaining part is that we participate actively and most of the time come up with our our own version of how the game should end, only to be dismayed that what we have anticipated has not come to pass. Fans are hard to satisfy. I for one, has created my own picture of how this negotiation would end. I have never grown tired of painting and repainting my final picture. And right now it has become an abstract picture that I myself could not see nor determine what I have painted. How about you?

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