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Steve on the Phil Naessens Show talking Clippers and the Doc-udrama

Earlier this week I had a chance to chat with Phil Naessens on his weekly show. We spoke Clippers off-season, from the departure of Del Negro, to free agency and trade rumors, all the way through the arrival of Doc Rivers.

Stephen Dunn

Oh my sweet, sweet FSM. So very much happening. On Monday I got a chance to speak with Phil Naessens who runs a daily sports podcast. Usually when I do these kinds of things, it's five or ten minutes, and I have to stay at a very high level -- no time to get into details. Phil put me in a 24 minute segment, the second segment of his show. It was nice to get to talk a bit more.

The first segment is our good friend J.R. Wilco from Pounding the Rock, sadly rehashing Game 6 and the painful end of the Spurs season. It's a sad tale, but I'm in good company, basketball-wise.

Take a listen. I'm kind of a big deal.