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Breaking News: Chris Paul to Verbally Agree to 5-Year, $107 Million Contract with the Los Angeles Clippers


Well, it's now one step closer to official. Chris Paul and the Clippers will agree to a 5-year max deal. We don't know the exact terms yet, but it's been suggested that Paul will have an ETO which will allow him to leave in three seasons should he so desire. This ETO would line up with the expiration of the contract of Clippers head coach and senior VP of basketball operations Doc Rivers.

This isn't over yet- Paul can't officially put pen to paper for ten more days, when the free agency moratorium ends. But it's as good as done now. That's not to say that it wasn't known as fact well before now.

So rejoice, Clippers fans. Paul is back, all is well. Time to start focusing on the other issues with the Clippers roster, and you can be sure that Roeser, Sacks, and Rivers will be addressing these with trades and signings in the next two weeks.