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Jeff Van Gundy: Clippers' job is a great one

According to Dan Woike of the OC Register, Jeff Van Gundy believes that Clippers' head coach position is a "great" job.


Unfortunately, because I am not a paid member of the OC Register, I am unable to read the rest of the article. But these first lines seem very interesting.

ESPN and ABC's lead basketball color analyst, Jeff Van Gundy, has a great job. He'll be calling each game of the NBA Finals as part of team that contains Mike Breen, Doris Burke and Steve Javie.

But Van Gundy said it's not the only great job out there.

"The Clipper job, in general, is a great job," he said Tuesday during a conference call.

A report from Yahoo! Sports Monday said talks between the Clippers and Van Gundy had become "dormant." Van Gundy ...


The LA Times has this:

But for me, I don't think it does myself or any teams any good by me being out there and talking about interest level or their interest level or anything like that. But the Clipper job in general is a great job. I think you have seen with their acquisition of players, they have done a good job building their roster. Obviously it's imperative that they re-sign Chris Paul, and it seems like that will happen. They have a great practice facility, great arena, a fan base that has really grown and swelled."

Van Gundy's name also has been mentioned for the opening with the Brooklyn Nets.

So Van Gundy, who will be ABC's analyst for the Finals when Game 1 between the Heat and Spurs starts on Thursday, was asked which team was better suited to compete for a championship -- the Clippers or Nets.

He said it would be hard to "discern" without knowing what sort of roster moves either the Clippers or Nets make and how their draft picks develop.

"I think certainly if they re-sign Chris Paul, the Clippers have a greater depth of talent right now," Van Gundy said. "But they're also in the West, which is a much more difficult conference. ... Of course they are both not far away. It just takes the right moves."

P.S. Hats off to Citizen DocD for the LA Times tip.