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Chris Paul Officially Signs with LA Clippers

Chris Paul Officially Signs with LA Clippers. Clips Press Conference Wed at 12pm

With the end of the free agent "moratorium", at nine o'clock last night the Clippers and Chris Paul made it official, with Paul signing a 5 year 107 million dollar contract.

The news is of course ten days old, older if you believe this happened the day Doc Rivers became the head coach, and a lot older than that if you thought Paul was never leaving.

Still and all... it's a very big day for the Los Angeles Clippers.

Of course Paul isn't the only one signing, the Clipper/Denver trade went through and JJ Redick has already signed his new contract, and he, Paul, and Jared Dudley are due to be at a press conference today at 12PM. That will be televised on Prime Ticket.