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LA Clippers Free Agent Thread Part 9


I'm doing Raffo's thing cause we need a new thread and I think it'll bother him.

- Chauncey Billups is going back to the Pistons on a two-year, $5 million contract. At least he won't be a Clipper. I think it's good that he'll retire a Piston.

- Andrew Bynum is going to the Cavs for $24M over two years. But it's not that bad. The second year is a team option, and the first year is only $6M guaranteed- the rest is performance based incentives (so if he is hurt and doesn't play, the Cavs don't have to pay him the full salary and can decline the second year).

- Nick Young is joining Ears on one-year min contracts to be Lakers. Apparently he's going to be a very good facilitator at the SF spot for the Lakers (get it? GET IT????)

- No new word on the Clippers and Antawn Jamison or any other bigs. Hopefully we'll hear soon, but there's still a lot of off-season left. Doc, Gary, and Andy know that we need backup bigs on the depth chart. So relax and be patient.

- The Clippers (unsurprisingly) officially signed Reggie Bullock to his rookie deal. So two fully guaranteed years at about one million, and then two team option years after that.

- The Clippers first SL game is tomorrow at 3PM. You can watch it on Prime Ticket.

- I'll have to DVR it since I'll be in South Torrance enjoying a meal from ClipsNation Citizen pegitom's restaurant Joey's Smokin BBQ en route to my game in long beach tomorrow night. What should I order? Poll: