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LA Clippers: Bring Back Brand?

LA Clippers: Bring Back Brand?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Elton Brand was renounced by the Dallas Mavericks yesterday. He's a free agent and available. Of course he was a free agent before he was renounced but the Mavs gave up his Bird rights, which means he might be available for the vet minimum.

You remember Elton Brand? Played for the LA Clippers from 2001-08. Best player on the Clips all those years, quiet, dignified, steady, 20-10 guy. He lead the Clips into the second round of the playoffs in that 2006-07 season and then left in a storm of controversy after appearing in only eight games in 07-08.

I can't hate Elton Brand. I loved him while he played for the Clips and when he left he took Clipper fans hearts with him. The next couple of years without him were terrible but I have a forgiving nature. And let's not forget that Brand never really recaptured his own magic after he left. His years in Philadelphia were uneven. He no longer had his old agility and lost his ability to clear space and score the way he did with the Clips. He became an overpriced backup... though he made up for it in other ways, finally at thirty, he became a tough, consistent team defender... you would never have said that about him on the Clips. Finally, a year ago, with 18 million left on a one year deal, Philadelphia waived him via the amnesty clause.

He signed with the Dallas Mavericks (for 2.1M/1yr) and last year still managed a decent 7 points, 6 rebounds in 20 minutes along with a 15.2 PER. (Brand's LIFETIME PER is a stunning 21). Right now the Clippers don't have a backup big who can touch his ability. Of course he's not an All Star anymore and if you're looking for one of those moderne "stretch four" types he's far from that.

It's unlikely that he'd come back to the Clips. He's reportedly looking for one last contract for a few years at better than minimum... and rumor is he'd like to head back close to his native New York. But, he's only 34 and probably has a few good years in him, perhaps he'd like to come back to the Clips, re-kindle an old flame, and take a shot at a championship.

Think carefully now. Last year we forgave Lamar Odom (come back Lamar, please come back). Do you have it in you heart to do it again? What if the Clippers back up bigs were named Odom and Brand? Be pretty sweet, wouldn't it? Why wouldn't it?