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Clippers summer league Game 2 - Clippers vs. D League Select team

It's another chance for first round pick Reggie Bullock to shine as the Clippers summer league team takes on the D League Select team.


The Clippers summer league team will take on the D League Select team today at 1:30 PT. The game will be broadcast on the internet on ESPN 3.

If you care about the level of competition, you should know that this will be a very difficult game for the Clippers. The D League guys play hard, the play together, and as important as anything, they are MEN mostly playing against boys. Most of the players on the D League roster are in their late 20s and have been playing professional basketball at some level for many years. That can make a big difference.

But of course summer league isn't really about winning and losing. It's about watching prospects, and this is another chance to watch Clippers first round pick Reggie Bullock. It's my first chance to watch him, and hopefully he plays as well today as he did in his debut on Friday. Bullock, if he is going to contribute for the Clippers this season, needs to hit threes and play defense, which is what he did in college and what he did on Friday when he scored 18. I'm looking forward to seeing him in person for the first time.

I'll probably be tweeting more than commenting during the game, but I'll be there one way or the other. Should be fun,.