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LA Clippers Free Agent Thread Part Three!

LA Clippers Free Agent Thread Part Three!

Mike McGinnis

Let's see, yesterday Mike Dunleavy signed with the Bulls, Eric Maynor signed with the Wiz, Andray Blatche is staying with the Nets and Dwight Howard is continuing to torture the Lakers while I refuse to pay attention. We already know Thomas Robinson is off to the Blazers and Anrdrea Bargnani is a Knick (the Knicks are planning on playing with three balls and a couple of trapeze's (trapezes? trapeze? trapezi?) this year, as they try and score 200 points a game).

Late breaking update has Nazr Mohammed returning to the Bulls. There's a joke in there about Mohammed returning somewhere but I'll let you write it.

As far as the Clippers go there've been rumblings about Clipper sign-and-trades with Milwaukee for JJ Redick, and with Dallas for OJ Mayo. Some reports had Redick dining with Doc Rivers last night but who knows.

Late yesterday there was a Moby-Dick like article written by Marc Stein and Ramona Shelburne about any and every potential Eric Bledsoe trade that might ever have been considered. Shortly afterward Ramona tweeted that it looked unlikely that the Clips would be trading Bledsoe, so there's your grain of salt.

Anyway, here's Part Three of our super-gigantic Free Agent thread! Scribble, discuss, be moderately polite!
Oh, one final thing. This question came up late in yesterday's thread (from C. peterghost to C. boltsfan1000). It's a question about periods. (I'm a single-space guy, which is a little strange because I'm older than any of you, I love the Oxford comma, and I capitalize every word in a headline.) On to the poll! I love polls!