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Ryan Hollins on Chris Paul, Doc Rivers and Blake Griffin

Our very own Ryan Hollins shares his thoughts on Chris Paul, Doc Rivers and Blake Griffin.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

From Fox Sports West:

I think Chris' (Paul) mind was made up clearly before July 1. I know a large part of his decision is the trust he has in Doc (Rivers). In his (Paul's) mind, it was a matter of when (he would make the decision). He was so professional on not just putting his business out there.

He is, in my opinion, the best point guard in the league right now. He literally changes your organzation overnight, as he did with the Clippers (in 2011)

I knew there was a threat of him leaving, but L.A. has so much to offer ... and Chris is a very loyal guy.

(In the end) I was 90-10 he was staying (with the Clippers).

Doc Rivers

For one, he's a Hall of Fame coach. He can't be compared to any other coach, he's his own animal. What makes Doc special is he doesn't have to yell at you (to get things done) ... it's just a common respect, man to man, coach to player, when he wants something done, it's the player's responsibility to get it done.

The way he manages personalities is what sets him apart.

He's a genius when it comes to drawing up plays. He has a way of getting everything out of each of the players on the court. He puts players in situations to be successful.

Blake Griffin

Chris and Blake not liking each other is one of the most ludicrous comments I've ever heard. Blake is so over-analyzed, being compared to LeBron and Durant. He's a Top 5 talent in the NBA and anytime he loses, it's 'why did he lose? He's supposed to win every game.'

Someone has to nitpick, they have to find something wrong (with this game).

He's very mature for his age, very disciplined, but he's still got growing to do.

Offseason workouts

I'm training earlier than ever this offseason. Myself, Maalik Wayns, and DaJuan Summers have been working out like mad men. 1-on-1 games, doing drills, lifting weights..