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LA Clippers Free Agent Thread Part Four!

LA Clippers Free Agent Thread Part Four!


Wow lots of stuff happened yesterday. Some of it you might have missed. And some of it I might have missed so feel free to fill in the holes, but these are the big ones anyway:

- David West re-signed with the Indiana Pacers for a reported 3years/36M. Pretty good and essential deal for the Pacers who also rescinded the qualifying offer to Tyler Hansbrough who is now an unrestricted FA.

- Kevin Martin goes to the Minnesota Timberwolves for 4/28 which, I guess, means Andrei Kirilenko is done in Minny and OKC winds up with not much in last years Harden trade.

- Sacramento pulled out of a reported 4/56 offer to Andre Iguodala when Iggy dragged his feet on accepting. I'm thinking this means Iguodala wants to go to a better team... or maybe he wants to stay in Denver.

- In the Dwightmare Part Deux, Dwight Howard met with some other teams and one was the Lakers. Phil Jackson didn't attend, thus assuring Dwight's flight to Houston. Am I correctly reading these tea leaves? Do I care?

- Milwaukee picked up two second round picks in a three team trade that sent some guys to the Clippers and some guys to the Suns. You can find the details elsewhere on this site.

- Completely forgot that the Spurs locked up Tiago Splitter at 4/36. Essential work gets done by Spurs.

- Also forgot that Tony Allen's been re-signed by the Griz reportedly 4/20. So some Western leaders (Clips, Griz, Spurs) seem to be gettin' it done while others maybe not so much (OKC and Martin).

- One more thing. Clips have the Billups and Odom as remaining FA's with Bird rights and then have the MLE, minimums, and a Traded Player Exception of 1.6M remaining. Who wants to fill us in on how a TPE works?

AND... Let's have another poll today, shall we? (I'm voting for number four.)