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LA Clippers Free Agent Thread Part 5!

LA Clippers Free Agent Thread Part 5 (Fourth of July Version)!


The NBA Free Agency signing period is in day four... five? Not sure. Our last thread hit 900 this morning so I'm putting up a new one, although its the fourth of July and things have seemed to slow down a bit.

- Clips were apparently negotiating with Carl Landry over a contract yesterday but we haven't heard anything about that for a while. This is really something we should discuss. How would the Clippers utilize Landry? Can you actually put Griffin and Landry on the floor at the same time. What about a rim protector?
- No news on the Matt Barnes front...
- Clips are reportedly interested in Earl Clark, who's bounced around but had a pretty solid season for the Lakers last year. But the Lakers are apparently only interested in signing him for a short term deal which, of course, makes absolutely no sense. I guess they're waiting to see what happens with Dwight Howard before they do anything. But... at worst Clark's a backup big for them, at best he's a starter, he's gonna cost the same either way, right?

(Can we rubberneck a bit here? The Lakers predicament is kind of fascinating and it only has tangential connections to Howard. Why hasn't the Lake-show amnestied Metta World Peace? Is it because they're actually thinking about amnestying Kobe Bean Bryant? Aren't they going to suck next year anyway, and even if they get a half-recovered Bryant back, it's not like they're gonna win anything. Why not amnesty "the mamba", let him rest for a year and start over again in 2014? If you can't do that then why not dump Peace? He's not really in your long range plans. Oh, yeah that's the problem with the Lakers, they don't have a long range plan. They don't really have a short range plan but I digress.)

- Tyreke Evans said he'd sign the New Orleans offer sheet (at 44 million, why WOULDN'T he sign?)
And then Eric Gordon tweeted that he's "all in" with Pelicans. Uh... does Gordon realize that Evans and he play the same position, that NO also has Austin Rivers. They've got plentty of point guards in that they just traded for Jrue Holiday, drafted Pierre Jackson, and already have a pretty effective Greivis Vasquez. I don't know who's more delusional, Gordon or Dell Demps.
- Following that there's noise this morning about a NO/Portland/Sac trade that would send Vasquez to the Kings, Evans to the Pelicans, and Robin Lopez to Portland... but who knows.

- JR Smith is headed back to the Knicks at 24/4. I guess the Knicks need him but... you know I don't think I can talk about the Knicks. They're the new Clippers.

- And the highly coveted Kyle Korver is headed back to Atlanta for 24/4 which is, in my opinion, way more than he's worth, because shooters and big men get paid in the NBA.

Have a great holiday. No poll today because I hate polls.