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LA Clippers Free Agent Thread Part Seven!

LA Clippers Free Agent Thread Part Seven!

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

This is day 200 of the 2014 NBA Free Agent Sweepstakes... at least it feels that way. A lot of stuff happened since the last time we spoke. Here goes...

- The Golden State Warriors have jiggered a sign-and-trade with the Denver Nuggets and somehow Randy Foye goes from the Utah Jazz to Denver (for 9M/3yr) and Andre Iguodala lands in Golden State for the same 48/4 announced the other day. This somehow gives Denver a $9M trade exception, and as importantly gives the Dubs back their full MLE which they lost when they signed Iggy to an outright FA deal. If you can figure out how that works your better than me, but it raises two questions, would Golden State have used that exception on one of the two players they renounced (Jarret Jack or Carl Landry)? Those guys are gone now, but the Dubs have some money to stitch up that newly gutted bench. Utah also picks up an additional second rounder in the deal. Whoo hoo.

-Following that, another just breaking rumor has Mareese Speights signing with the Warriors on a 3 year deal. No info on the dollars but Golden State needs beef up front bad and this seems like a smart deal... if the money's right.

-The Lakers signed Chris Kaman to the mini-MLE for $3M/1. This is disturbing. We Clipper fans love Kaman and 3 mil seems cheap. It's less than what the Clips are paying Matt Barnes. Clips have a lot of wings (though Barnes is arguably the best defender). Could the Clippers have picked up Kaman as a nifty back-up big? I don't wanna think about it. I don't. And, more importantly what's it gonna be like seeing the Big Goofball in purple and... yellow?

- Not official at all but Kevin Ding (?) of the OCR is reporting that Metta World Peace will be amnestied saving the Lakers uh... a lot of cash. This guarantees that the Lakers won't be amnestying Kobe Bryant. So Kaman in, MWP out? Kaman and Pau in the same lineup? Who plays small forward? Are his initials LO?

- There's still no movement on the Restricted Free Agent front. The biggies are Nikola Pekovic, Brandon Jennings, Jeff Teague, Gerald Henderson (and Timofey Mozgov). It's hard to know whether teams are laying off because of the three-day commitment period required for RFA offers, or just laying off in general. With most of the big high-priced FA's off the market now we might start to see some action on these guys.

- I can't ignore the fact that the Clippers have been widely reported as in negotiations with Antawn Jamision. You can wring your hands and weep about that elsewhere on the site, but this event seems curiously attached to the Clippers interest or lack of interest in last-year's-first-big-off-the-bench Lamar Odom. Does Doc Rivers hate Lamar? Do Clipper teammates hate Lamar (for showing up out of shape last year)? How could anyone hate Lamar?
No one from the Clips can discuss FA's until after Wednesday, and then, maybe we'll know a little bit more, but Doc Rivers did hint at an "every night small ball lineup" for the Clips this year and, separately, something about DeAndre Jordan being capable of becoming DPOY. Yeaahhh!

- Nothing to do with FA's but the Clippers announced staff under head coach Doc Rivers: Alvin Gentry is Associate Head Coach, Assistant coaches are Tyronn Lue, Kevin Eastman, JP Clark, and Armond Hill. I think those last two are development guys. All but Gentry are coming over from the Celtics.
(It would be really really cool if Doc named Gentry "The Hand of the King" and gave him one of those cool pins that Tywin Lannister wears but probably not...)