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Kaman goes all the way from Clipper loincloth to Purple and Gold

Stephen Dunn

The Big Fella is back in town! Kamanlife is back in full force in the Southland, with the boat, watching movies, the wife, the whole show. The fireworks seem to be more of a Michigan activity, and Laker fans will want to know about the Kamandome sports center back home, where he's hustling and getting in shape, assuming no one got blown up over the weekend.

He's a great fit on a one year for the Lakers with Howard saying adios. There's some duplication with Pau Gasol, as they both like to take mid-range jump shots, and Kaman will be adequate rebounding and defending, but he we have to think that he won't break out.

It's all very ironic. Here at Clips Nation we know the erstwhile Kaveman as one of our own, and he's a favorite. He would have been a great backup to DJ, but he toiled in the Clipperdom for many a year, and now, a couple of years of more of the same Kamanosity later, the split is one of mutual respect. It's going to be really fun to see the Laker fans go all Club O and hope for the excellence and domination with Kaman that always seems somehow to be just out of reach.

We can start by letting them know all about the 20wo30 club.

Why not share some favorite Kaman moments and memories, just to welcome him back? On the Clipper comedy scale, this is by far the best follow up imaginable to the shocking dysfunction of last year, which was damned amusing. Eventually we'll get around to Kaman's back and injury history, percentage of games played in LA and NO, and relate the 2.0 saga in full. But today is a day for celebrating--he's back, we love him, and we don't have to think about him or worry about him--that's Laker fan's job now.