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LA Clippers Announce New Coaching Staff

LA Clippers Announce New Coaching Staff


Yesterday, the Los Angeles Clippers announced their new coaching staff under coach Doc Rivers.

Alvin Gentry was formally announced as "Associate Head Coach", Tyronn Lue, Kevin Eastman, and Armond Hill will serve as assistant coaches and JP Clark will become "Assistant Player Skills Coach".

Of course Gentry's no stranger to Clipper fans. He served as Clips head coach from 200-2003 and was an assistant with the team back in 1990-91. He was most recently head coach of the Phoenix Suns and took them to the Western Conference finals in 2010.

Lue, Eastman, and Hill are all coming over from the Boston Celtics where they served under Rivers. Eastman for nine years, Hill for eight, Lue for the last two, and Clark for one.

Clark joins previously announced holdovers Dave Severns and Howard Eisley Player Skills coaches.