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Doc Rivers: Still looking for a couple more guys

Per a report from Fox Sports West, Doc Rivers and the Clippers are not done signing players.


Per such report:

"We're still looking for a couple of other guys," he said, "but we're bringing back the nucleus for the most part, and that's what we wanted to do as well."

Point guard Chris Paul is expected to officially announce his return to the team this week, but although Rivers said on the day he was hired that he liked the team as it was, there have been several additions to the core of Paul and forward Blake Griffin.

The Clippers are reportedly also talking to forward Antawn Jamison about a one-year deal for the veteran's minimum of $1.4 million, which would give them another scorer off the bench. Jamison played last season for the Lakers.

When the NBA moratorium on signings ends Wednesday, the Clippers are expected to announce the trades for projected starters J.J. Redick and Jared Dudley, the signing of guard Darren Collison to a two-year deal and the return of forward Matt Barnes and center Ryan Hollins. Caron Butler and Eric Bledsoe depart to the Phoenix Suns.

"We just added to the team," Rivers said. "Our whole thing was to add shooting, shooting, shooting. You can kind of tell one of the areas we thought we had to improve our team is in shooting, and that's what we're trying to do this summer. We've done that."

Asked about discussions with Jamison, he said, "We obviously have enough guards. Our next focus is on bigs, but just one, maybe two.

"What we have to do is create two teams. We have to create a big team, which we have, and I think our big team is as good as any big team in the league. We also have to create a small lineup that is effective and that you can use every night as well."