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LA Clippers Free Agent Thread - Part Eight!

LA Clippers Free Agent Thread Part Eight!


Whoa, sorry I didn't get this up earlier but I couldn't get on the SBNation editor. Some weird stuff was going on with the servers. Maybe it's because the signing moratorium was over a little over a half hour ago.

Lots of stuff flying through the air today and tonight. Numbers, commas, lots of arcane data I don't really understand.

710/13 Morning Addenda:

- Wow, there are reports tell us that the Cleveland Cavaliers are offering Andrew Bynum 24 million in a two-year deal. But Bynum didn't sign, he's going down to check out the Dallas Mavericks today. I got confused when I read this as Will Bynum signing a 2 year 24M deal. Whoa! But that didn't happen...

- Will Bynum did sign a two-year deal, with his old team for 5.75M. Which sounds a lot better because 24M is a really lot no matter what but a REALLY, REALLY lot for a backup point guard.

- Chris Anderson, that fellow who calls himself "Birdman". He's going back to the Miami on a one-year-deal. I don't see numbers on that, but the Heat already picked up the options on Ray Allen and Mario Chalmers so that particular band appears to be back together for next year. Miami reportedly faces a 30 million dollar tax bill this season... so let's just say the NBA champs ain't foolin' around.

- Rasheed Wallace is joining the Detroit Pistons as a coach. I'm just gonna lay that out there and I want you to ponder it for a little while. It was the best story I heard yesterday until...

- Remember Jordan Farmar? The point guard who played with the Lakers? Bat-ears? Nothing great but he was a Laker, right? He's coming back. He SIGNED A DEAL. That's right. Lakers are making noise about bringing back Sasha Vujavic too. No, I'm not kidding. It's all over twitter. Has to be true. You know what? The Lakers are an embarrassing clown show. They should change their name to the "LA Lakers Clown Show". Maybe Magic can play some minutes this season.

- It's old news already but the Clips cut DaJuan Summers yesterday, and revoked the contracts of Chauncey Billups and Lamar Odom. Apparently they had to make those moves to squeeze in the other new deals (Redick, Dudley, Collison) that will become official today. Billups and Summers weren't part of the Clipper plans but Odom still may be... but there's nothing but minimum left for him now. Of course he can go back and join Jordan Farmar on the Lakers reunion tour (basketball like it used to be!) or he can play with the Clips and go for a ring. Whatever.

- Still no word on Antawn Jamison. And I have no opinion about that.

A quick poll just for fun: