Too Much Weight on Blake's Shoulder?

It's about time that CP3 unloads some of the weight he is carrying for the club in the past two years to Blake . Perhaps it was VDN's relying heavily on CP3's play or Blake's inability to be more assertive in his game that forced CP3 to do it . But whatever it is, sharing responsibility for the sucess of the club is in order. I am still hoping that DJ will take 1/3 of that responsibility this year but that still remains to be seen. Doc will have a lot to do with that in trying to turn DJ to a defensive monster that everybody hopes the would be.

With CP3 coming to the Clips, his goal was primarily winning games added to playing exciting ball games for the crowd. Lob City was not enough for CP3. With the other ball club accross the locker room looking down at the young Clippers, CP3 has to prove that the "younger brother" is coming to age. The problem was the Clips was not accustom to winning specially winning when it counts.

CP3 has to show them what winning is all about and how to accomplish it. It took two years to prove that they can do it. The "baby sitting" is all done and the club has matured to a point that everybody has to share responsibility. With Doc's and the new players coming, the ball club is now geared towards winning more. Thus, the shifting of weights.

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