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Old-looking NBA ballers -- a group project

Tom McMillen wins the award for grayest NBA player of all time, Granville Waiters was the baldest. Who else deserves mention in these esteemed clubs?

Not Manu's best side
Not Manu's best side

Apropos really to nothing at all, I decided to post a question for the citizens of Clips Nation. In the comments of the Commissioner for a Day post, someone included a picture of Tom McMillen, who had prematurely gray hair in his early 30s and looked like he was 50 even as he played center for the Bullets in the 80s.

It got me thinking about other guys who looked old on a basketball court. Now, sometimes they looked old because they were old -- like Robert Parrish or John Stockton (who still looked a bit like a kid even as the gray crept into his hair). But I myself had a noticeable bald spot while I was in college, and there are a few NBA players I can think of that looked older than they were because of their hairlines. Or maybe there's another one who was prematurely gray like McMillen, but I honestly can't think of one.

Off the top of my head (pun intended) the bald eagle club of the NBA would include World B. Free, whose hairline retreated further than Napoleon in Russia; Manu Ginobili, who has the most famous bald spot in the modern NBA; and my all-time favorite, Granville Waiters, who was bald when he was playing at Ohio State!

Now, the brothers tend to mask their bald spots, if they have them, by shaving their head. That's what Free and Waiters would do if they were in the NBA today. I suspect that Sam Cassell is follicly challenged, but I can't really prove it.

Who am I missing? Who can you add to the list of bald (by nature, not by choice) or even gray NBA players?