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Report: Clippers a threat to the Heat's three-peat?

NBA's Sekou Smith has an interesting article out laying the case for the biggest threats (5) to the Heat's three-peat. Sekou counts the Clippers among such threats.


Why the Clippers you might ask?  Well, according to Sekou because:

No team in basketball did more to upgrade its position over the course of the Draft and free agency than the Clippers. And it all starts with the acquisition of coach and senior vice president of basketball operations Doc Rivers, who packed his championship bag of tricks with him when he left Boston for Los Angeles. Superstar point guard Chris Paul will orchestrate things and All-Star power forward Blake Griffinwill co-headline on what is arguably the deepest and most balanced roster in the league. The Clippers have a surplus of shooters (J.J. RedickJared Dudley, Jamal Crawford and more) who will help space the floor and push the tempo. They've also added enough specialists and junkyard dog types to play the relentless defensive style Rivers teams were known for in Boston. The one question about the Clippers that has to be answered early on is whether or not Girffin and DeAndre Jordan are ready to take that next step as a duo on both ends, a la Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol in Memphis. If they are, the Clippers will rise up the ranks immediately. If not, Rivers and CP3 will have to drag them along until they are ready. All of the other human resources needed, however, are already in place and ready to go.

What do you think Clips Nation?