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USA-Mexico soccer open thread

The USA and Mexico are huge soccer rivals and they square off in CONCACAF qualifying tonight in Columbus Ohio. The US needs a win after failing badly in Costa Rica Friday, but Mexico needs a win even worse.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Well Friday's game in Costa Rica was an unmitigated disaster for the US from the opening moments. Midfielder Michael Bradley turned his ankle in warmups and was unable to play, Costa Rica was sky high to start the game playing in front of their home fans and seeking revenge for the Snow game in Denver, and less than 10 minutes into the game the US trailed 2-0. Despite a gift of a penalty goal near the end of the half that made it a one goal game, the US never really got going before losing 3-1.

Mexico is currently a shambles after losing to Honduras on Friday and firing their head coach, but this is still a dangerous side. The risk is that they'll come out under a new coach and play free and easy. The US will be without four key players between Bradley's ankle and three yellow cards in Costa Rica that will force Geoff Cameron, Matt Besler and Jozy Altidore to miss this game complicating things further. The US is much deeper than they've ever been, but Bradley and Altidore are among a limited number of real difference makers for the team, and they will be difficult to replace.

The game is in Columbus Ohio where Team USA has enjoyed tremendous success against Mexico in recent years. It's on ESPN starting at 5. Enjoy.