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Bright Side of the Sun podcast -- Steve talks Clippers with a Suns guy

Last week I joined Kris Habbas of Bright Side of the Sun to discuss the Clippers off-season and what the Suns can expect from Eric Bledsoe this season.


The Los Angeles Clippers and Phoenix Suns had some business this off-season, as Eric Bledsoe and Jared Dudley switched teams as part of a three-team deal that also brought J.J. Redick to L.A. from Milwaukee.

Last week I joined Kris Habbas of SBNation's Suns blog Bright Side of the Sun to discuss that trade, the rest of the Clippers' off-season, and well, everything Clippers. We also talked about what the Suns should expect from former Clipper Eric Bledsoe this season.

Click here to listen to the podcast, and thanks to Kris for having me on.