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New Clippers sleeved jersey leaked

NBA 2K14 is set to arrive next week, but leaked footage from the game has revealed the Clippers new powder blue sleeved uniform.

Hat Tip to citizen agolden, who posted a FanShot about this. The Clippers have teased about an announcement they are going to make at Media Day on Monday, and most people have assumed that it would be about a new alternate jersey. Several teams have added sleeved jerseys since Golden State debuted them last season, and the Clippers would be a logical team to add a new look.

The video shows game play from the unreleased NBA 2K14 video game, which will come out next week. Because all the uniforms are available in the game, we're getting a simulated sneak peak at the new sleeved jerseys. (And strangely, only the sleeved alternates in the away games here -- no reds, no royal blues.)

I'm not a fan of powder blue in uniforms, I have to say. It's not exactly the toughest of colors, and is too reminiscent of UCLA -- of whom I am not particularly fond, apologies to Citizen Zhiv and others. Having said that, the powder blue is a nice nod to the San Diego days, and even to the old L.A. Stars of the ABA, so there is a historical precedent for it. Besides, with red, white and blue unis already in play, there weren't a lot of color choices left. I hate black unis for teams without black in their color scheme (cough Lakers cough) even more than I dislike powder blue.

We'll see if the sleeved unis stick, but one thing we can be fairly certain of. Blake Griffin is going to look impressive in his. Corey Maggette is a free agent -- Citizen Erik O is no doubt in favor of signing Maggette, just so he can put on the new jersey.

Also, does anyone know the rules on introducing new uniforms? Has the NBA just abandoned those altogether, or perhaps made an exception for these sleeved jerseys for adidas? The Clippers just introduced the royal blue road alternates, and I was under the impression you were not allowed to introduce new uniforms in consecutive seasons.