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Clippers add to camp roster

In addition to Lou Amundson, Mustapha Farrakhan and JaMychal Green will join the Clippers for training camp in San Diego starting tomorrow.

Kevin C. Cox

The Clippers today announced that, in addition to Lou Amundson about whom we already knew, they have added Mustapha Farrakhan and JaMychal Green to the training camp roster. Those are familiar names, though not necessarily for the same reason.

Green played on the Clippers' summer league squad in Vegas in July. He played his college ball at Alabama and has spent last season in the D-League. He's a 6'8 forward with a decent little face up jumper. He played well, if not spectacularly so, in Vegas.

Farrakhan, a 6'4 guard, played his college ball at Virginia and has spent the last two seasons in the D-League. And yes, they are related: Mustapha Farrakhan Jr. is Louis Farrakhan's grandson. I don't remember a lot about him from his Virginia days, so I'll let you know more about his game when I see him in training camp.

The Clippers are starting camp with a relatively lean 18 players, of whom 13 have guaranteed contracts. As we've already discussed, that doesn't leave a ton of opportunity for the other five. Farrakhan and Green are just trying to make an impression, to catch Doc Rivers' eye so that he might think of them for a 10 day contract in January or give them another chance down the road. They will absolutely be waived before camp is over and they know that. In general it's not easy getting guys to accept training camp invites when they know they won't make the team, but they get to be treated like pros for a few days and make a little money, so it could be worse.

The other three unguaranteed players (Amundson, Maalik Wayns and Brandon Davies) are fighting for one roster spot assuming the Clippers start the season with 14 players. Of course, they could choose to waive all of them and start out with 13, but I see no chance they'll carry 15 contracts to start the year.

Clippers training camp begins tomorrow at UC San Diego in La Jolla. I'll have plenty more from Media Day today.