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When you know you've nailed your question in the presser

Blake Griffin gave a great answer to my question, but I couldn't help noticing Chris Paul's reaction.

It's wildly unprofessional, I know, but I can't help but brag about this a bit. During Clippers Media Day today, I asked a handful of questions along with the rest of the media in the room.

When Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin were sharing the stage, Brian Sieman called on me for the final question. I asked Blake to discuss the fact that this was the first full off-season of his NBA career -- all the others having been interrupted by injuries or the lockout (a significant fact that has been strangely overlooked in his development in my opinion).

Now Chris Paul is widely described as having a high basketball IQ, as being one of the smartest players in the league. In fact, earlier in this same gathering when a reporter asked Paul if he thought they could win "a couple more playoff series" CP3 responded with appropriate disdain at the question: "Of course we think we can win. We wouldn't be here otherwise." Bottom line: you don't want to ask dumb questions with Paul around.

In the video (hat tip to our pal Jovan Buta of Clipperblog) watch Paul's reaction to the question around the 1:05 mark. He nods his head and gestures with his mic, as if to say "Huh, that's true, I never thought of that, good question."

That's when you know you've nailed your question -- when CP3 nods with approval.