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Clippers-Mavs: Crowdsourcing the Questionable Blogger

For the re-match between the Clippers and the Mavs, it's your turn to ask questions of Rebecca Lawson from Mavs Moneyball.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

When the Clippers played the Mavericks in Dallas a couple weeks back, we did the usual Question and Answer thing with Rebecca Lawson of Mavs Moneyball. I asked her some questions which she answered, she asked me some questions, that whole rigamarole.

With the rematch in Los Angeles happening just 12 days later, Rebecca and I have nothing left to say to each other. Our interactions just don't have the same old spark. We've grown apart. We need our space. Wait, what was I talking about?

Oh, that's right. If you fine citizens have questions about the Dallas Mavericks, now is your chance. Rebecca will be stopping by to answer the good ones (and maybe even some bad ones) between now and the game on Wednesday). Besides, with four full days between games, you lot should have plenty of time and energy to think up some good questions.

As always, be nice, be respectful, treat Rebecca as a valued guest on our blog, which of course she is.