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Clips signing Hedo Turkoglu?

Clips signing Hedo Turkoglu?

Kevin C. Cox

It's all over twitter and Arash Markazi has it here that the Clips might be signing Hedo Turkoglu before they leave on a road trip later this week.

My first reaction was,  "Doc Rivers has lost his mind"... and it seems like just another incident where Doc does his Ahab thing, his pursuit of the white whale a ''stretch four" is relentless and all-consuming. But at his best Turkoglu has some interesting and useful skills. He's big, 6'9" or so. He can rebound pretty well... in his best years he'd average near six and that was largely at small forward. He can pass, he's played a lot of that "point forward" role. He can shoot for sure.

Then there's the negative, he's not a good defender, and he's pretty old (34) and he hasn't really played at all in the last two years.

The Clips will almost certainly let one of the backup point guards go and Turkoglu would have to play for the minimum. I expect the Clips would only give him a ten day deal. Right? Right?!

I think he'd help a bit with the "third big" vacuum, but I suspect this is more about Doc's disappointment in Jared Dudley and Matt Barnes than anything else.