And Then There is West…….

" His brothers said to him, "Do you intend to reign over us? Will you actually rule us?" And they HATED HIM ALL THE MORE because of his dream and what he had said. "

(Genesis 7:8)

The growing dislike against Blake Griffin among players is definitely becoming more and more demonstratively blatant. The "favored" child as some player call him is beginning to be the "punching bag" of NBA. Instead of being featured in the "dunk of the night", clips are now turning to "fight of the night" or "who get ejected" for the night. Fans (I hope none from the Clipper nation) ridicule Blake for his passive reaction (now a response) for being as in Barkley’s word so "soft as a toilet paper".

The latest incident involving West and Blake comes as a surprised for me. West is not known for losing his cool more so his head especially in a game where they were clearly winning by a wide margin. Cousin I would understand but

Was it Blake’s last interception of his pass or was it the ref’s calls that he might think favored Blake? If so, those are really stupid reasons for a player like him to act like a moron. If there is somebody who needs that kind of treatment in the game it was Stevenson who should be clobbered for those classless exhibits of his arrogance!

Whatever it is that plagues some of the NBA players that consider Blake as a "bad guy" that cause them to resort to taunting and even trying to hurt Blake Griffin should be a concern of the Clipper organization. The NBA is not MMA and players could really get hurt. There are already enough injuries in the game that rob the fans to enjoy the game more. There is no need for injuries that are willfully inflicted by the players themselves.

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