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Ed Kupfer's Cool Efficiency Graphic!

Ed Kupfer's Cool Efficiency Graphic!

Zach Lowe (@ZachLowe) re-tweeted this graphic by Ed Kupfer (@EdKupfer). The original graphic is here.

This is so cool... and while it offers few surprises it really puts the NBA hierarchy in a perfect illustration.

Look at Indiana and their top line defense and mediocre offense! Look at the Clips and their steady offensive superiority and radically improved defense. Look at New Orleans! Portland! There's a thousand cool stories in this thing.

*(I don't know who Kupfer is, I've seen him referred to on twitter, and he describes himself as "Rocket scientist". But it turns out, apparently he works for the Houston Rockets as an analyst... which is pretty interesting given the Rockets disturbingly divergent off and def efficiencies. Unless, of course, you value offense over defense.)