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Wednesday NBAction open thread

In addition to the Clippers game, there are nine other games in the NBA tonight, eight of them overlapping with the Clippers in whole or in part. But the second half of Spurs-Thunder and all of Suns-Pacers will be on ESPN after the Clippers.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The Clippers tip off at 4:00 PM, along with four other Eastern time zone games. Some of you may be flipping back and forth -- I don't care if you comment on other games on this thread or on the Clippers thread.

At the conclusion of the Clippers and Bobcats, hopefully we'll be able to watch most of tonight's big game, the Thunder at the Spurs. Watching the end of Thunder/Blazers last night, I got the very distinct feeling of "What can you do?" If Durant is going to go three for three on long, contested three pointers at the end of games, then what can you do? It's not like Nic Batum is a bad defender or got beaten. Those shots Durant took were terrible shots by any reasonable definition of the word. But they all went in. Was it citizen DB last week who said we all might just be playing for a consolation prize, since Durant is at such a level that nothing else really matters?

Chicago at Cleveland 4:00 PM

Atlanta at Orlando 4:00 PM

Dallas at Toronto 4:00 PM

Boston at Washington 4:00 PM

Philadelphia at New York 4:30 PM

Sacramento at Houston 5:00 PM

Detroit at Milwaukee 5:00 PM

Oklahoma City at San Antonio 5:00 PM, ESPN

Indiana at Phoenix 7:30 PM, ESPN

The late game is Indiana at Phoenix. At this point, I'm rooting for Indiana to win everything. The Clippers have already played them twice, and there's no way they'll ever catch them in the standings (not with Indy playing that soft East schedule). So win Pacers, win. If the Clippers see them again, it will be in the NBA Finals, and that would be a good thing.