The Plaguing Weaknesses of the Clippers….

The third big and the SF position weaknesses (same old issues) keep on haunting the Clippers that even when playing a mediocre team like the Charlotte they rear their ugly heads. The issue on the 3rd big becomes more problematic when DJ and Blake get into an early foul trouble. If the Clippers answer is Hollins and Hedo, then we might end up in the same situation as last year’s playoff result. Hollins is playing like a "chicken without a head" and watching him for even 5 minutes is more stressful than me driving during busy hours in FWY 405. Hedo’s effectiveness is still a suspect although he has been with the team only for just a week.

Barnes clearly is not a starter and should be more efficient playing for the 2nd unit. Dudley has shown flashes of his Phoenix’s form but not consistent enough to remain as a starter that even Doc has recognized it and had him replaced by Barnes (Although I would rather see Dudley start than Barnes). Bullock is still unproven, as Doc has not utilized him perhaps for good reasons.

Over half of the season and we still have the same issues addressed half-heartedly. Is this year not the time to contend? Doc seems to think that the present line up is good enough to carry us to the finals, but could there be some movement before the trade deadline? I hope there is.

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