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Collison and the Clippers point guard problem

Chris Paul is out and Darren Collison is hurting. If Doc Rivers opts to rest Collison and his strained big toe, what options do the Clippers have at point guard?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Darren Collison has played the last two games with a strained big toe. It's the type of injury that requires time and rest to heal, but Collison has tried to play through it with the Clippers currently shorthanded at point guard because of Chris Paul's injury. Collison played one two minutes in the fourth quarter in Charlotte Wednesday night. Given that the Clippers were in pretty clear need of creators on the offensive end in that game, Collison's absence is a pretty clear sign that either he or coach Doc Rivers had decided that his injury was simply slowing him too much.

After the game, Rivers said as much, and has indicated that he may have to sit Collison to give the toe a chance to heal. But if he's going to do it, he needs to do it now.

Backup point guard Darius Morris is six days into his second 10 day contract with the team. The team will have to waive him or sign him for the remainder of the season before the Milwaukee game on Monday, the final game of the road trip. The Clippers should rest Collison these next two games and see how it goes with Morris and Jamal Crawford running the point, because Morris, such as he is, is at least a guy whose been there a couple of weeks.

If Collison is still hurting after Morris is cut loose (and I really can't imagine that the Clippers are going to burn that final roster spot on a guy who is barely replacement level) then you could very well see Maalik Wayns starting against the Bucks, coming in on his second 10 day. Tyshawn Taylor was waived today by the Pelicans, so he's out there also.

The All Star break is about 20 days from now. That equates to two more 10 day contracts for point guards before Chris Paul is scheduled to return. (And based on his comments about wanting to play in the All Star game in New Orleans, it seems as if Paul believes he is on schedule for that return.) Morris is around for two more games. After that, you could go with Wayns for 10 days and player X for 10 days, or roll the dice on player X for 20 days. Heck, if you like Taylor, you could waive Morris now and pick him up and run with him until the break. He's no doubt looking for a permanent home, but the Clippers could offer him a ton of playing time for the next 20 days to showcase him for other teams -- he'd take that chance in a heartbeat.

But if Collison needs rest, then rest him now. At least Morris should know the offense.