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Thursday NBAction open thread

The networks insist on putting the Lakers on national TV, but what are you gonna do? At least Nuggets-Blazers could be interesting.

Doug Pensinger

Tonight's TNT double-header features the Lakers playing the Heat followed by the Nuggets at the Blazers. When they made the schedule, TNT no doubt hoped that the Lakers would be more relevant than they are -- but then again, they could not possibly have imagined how relevant the Blazers have become, so I guess it's a wash.

As if watching the Lakers get blasted by Miami in the only NBA game on at that time is not bad enough, on Sunday ABC will show the terrible Lakers against the terrible Knicks in a double-terrible national TV game. Yay bad teams in big markets!

The Nuggets-Blazers game could be interesting certainly. Denver has been a little all over the map, while Portland has come back to earth in recent weeks. Since opening the season 22-4, the Blazers are 9-7 in their last 16 games.