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Grantland dispelling Blake Griffin myths

Zach Lowe of Grantland takes on the polarizing subject of Blake Griffin's overall game and destroys the various myths about his perceived shortcomings.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Zach Lowe is one of the best basketball writers out there, and happily he took on a subject near and dear to the hearts of the citizens of Clips Nation. If I write the "Blake is more than just a dunker" article (and I've written plenty of them) it's (a) preaching to the choir or (b) dismissed as pure homerism. But for your acquaintances who can't get over this persistent misnomer, send them to Lowe's article, because it's spot on.

As the Clippers continue to win without Paul, it becomes increasingly clear the "HE CAN ONLY DUNK!" crowd simply does not watch Los Angeles Clippers basketball. The schedule has been easy and heavy on Eastern Conference teams, but the Clips are 9-3 since Paul went down, and Griffin has been sensational in shifting into a role as the team's clear no. 1 option. Griffin has produced in exactly the sort of varied ways the screaming mobs claim are beyond his skill set. The Clippers have had the most efficient offense in the league since Paul's injury - read that again, but also consider the schedule - and Griffin has shot better overall and gotten to the line more often this season with Paul on the bench, per He is not a remora fish mooching off a shark.

The only point I'd quibble with here is that some of Griffin's critics may actually watch him play: but bias is a powerful thing. What amazes me is that people can watch and not see how off-base the criticisms are -- because they only see what they want to see.

At any rate, Zach Lowe has done what I cannot do because of my own biases, either real or perceived. He has given the best, most objective case to date for why Griffin's critics are flat wrong.