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Maalik Wayns and the Ticking Clock

Maalik Wayns and the Ticking Clock

Jonathan Daniel

Just a quick note to observe the fact that Maalik Wayns has been activated by the Clippers. (Ben Bolch has it at the end of this article here for the LA Times... beware the paywall!)

Who cares? No one! Then why does it matter? Because it's January 3, and if he's activated it means Wayns is no longer injured which means he will almost certainly be cut (or traded) by January 10. See this article by the mighty Steve Perrin if you're confused. In said article Clipper Steve reports that Marc Stein reports that Maalik Wayns is on the list of a bunch of league-wide un-guaranteed contracts, throwing into confusion our local supposition that Wayns was effectively guaranteed-for-the-season because of his injury. But... it appears Wayns contract was NOT guaranteed as of December first.

So, in the next few days we should see some action, Wayns and perhaps Stephen Jackson will (probably) be cut by the Clips, reducing their roster to fourteen or thirteen... the Clips could then be lined up to chase a more effective "third big". OR, failing that, could re-sign Wayns or Jackson to ten-day deals. In the case of Wayns, I don't know why they'd do that, in the case of Jackson, maybe they keep him around because he's fairly large (in both good and bad ways), he has a way with a headband, and seems happy to be here.