What Now?

If CP3 is really out for 3 to 5 weeks because of separated shoulder, then this month could be bleak for the Clipper Nation. Our lead in the Pacific Division is in danger and we might find ourselves in the 6th or 7th seed come February when CP3 returns. There will be the dreaded 7 games stretch on the road against teams of the not really so "leastern" division where we have been faring miserably. 3 other road games against San Antonio, Golden State and Denver make this month a not so memorable one without our point god. Hopefully Cp3 comes back on the 3rd when we play Denver on the road or on the 5th when we face Miami at home. Winning more than 8 of the 16 games without CP3 will be tough. We might as well brace ourselves for the next 16 games. The prospect of losing to the other team in LA which seems to play inspired basketball every time we play them makes me cringe. The most awaited rematch against the Warriors on the 30th of this month could end up a disaster for us with the way the Warriors are playing lately beating teams like Miami and Atlanta on the road!

Another adversity hits us that in the word of Doc,our battle tested coach, "is good and one must accept it, embrace it and enjoy it".

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