Collison Can…..

Collison the scorer is not the answer for our next 16 games without CP3. It’s not that he should not score but be more of the facilitator.

Today, Our offense in the 1st half was in shamble and Collison did little to address it and put in order. Rather than patiently controlling the game and letting his teammates be involved in the flow of the offense, Collison tried to single handedly take over the game by scoring himself. Not that he cannot score (he was the leading scorer in the first half), but in so doing left the others playing cold not able to gain their rhythm affecting not only their offense but their defense as well.

However, in the 3rd quarter, when Collison started to distribute the ball first rather than shoot, the Clippers were able to find their game, their defense became tighter and they were able to reduce the deficit from 35 to 18 at the end of the quarter. A great turn around that silence the crowd and made Pop angrily calling timeouts berating his team. The Clippers won the quarter and outscored the Spurs 35 to 18. Collison did not score any point in the 3rd quarter but have 4 assists, became the facilitator and played great defense against Parker.

When Green replaced Collison, amazingly the flow of the offense became smoother, the ball movement better and what was started in the 3rd quarter steamrolled to the tune of reducing the deficit to 13! At that time it was pretty apparent that the team was exhausted having played a monstrous catching game and was not able to sustain the momentum.

Collison’s must understand that his role as a starter has changed from providing instant offense to being the facilitator. As proven in that 3rd quarter, he can become more effective by patiently waiting for the offense to flow as designed and be the jump starter of the offense. Can he be disciplined enough to do this? He has to, in order for us to survive the next 16 games without CP3.

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