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Waived Players and 10-Day Contracts: The Clippers' Uncharacteristically Hectic Early January

I don't ever remember a time when early January was as crazy roster-wise as it is this year for the Clippers, but with the deadline to waive players and the start of 10-day contracts, there's a lot going on in the rumor mill.

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The Clippers don't normally make roster moves in January... they might cut someone or sign someone or make a trade, but I don't remember it ever being quite as hectic as the last few days have been, leading up to today.

To be honest, I don't even know how to sort out everything that I'm hearing.  Maybe it's a little bit of denial.  Either way, the best thing to do is stay tuned and wait it out.  We should have a better idea of how everything is going to shake out within the next couple of days.

Currently, the Clippers have released Maalik Wayns and Stephen Jackson prior to their guarantee date, saving the club some money and freeing up two roster spots.

Those two spots are only one, however, because the Clippers signed Darius Morris to a 10-day contract last night.  This move makes some sense because the Clippers clearly needed a backup PG.  I wouldn't be surprised if the Clippers have 3 or 4 PGs in on 10-day contracts while Chris Paul is out (you can only sign a player to 2 10-day deals).

Now, they're rumored to be bringing back Maalik Wayns on a 10-day deal as well.  This would make sense if they hadn't already brought in Morris as the backup PG.  You can only get these guys for 20 days each; why have that overlap majorly?  If you really like Wayns, why not wait until Morris is done and then sign him.  Putting him at 3rd string is a waste of money, time, and a roster spot.

The Clippers are also reportedly interested in Sasha Vujacic and Hedo Turkoglu, which again makes no sense.  Even with their current injuries, the Clippers have Jamal Crawford, Willie Green, Matt Barnes, and Jared Dudley all healthy at the SG and SF positions.  There's no need in adding Vujacic or Turkoglu and I don't see where they would even get minutes on this roster.  It's made even more bewildering by the reports that Reggie Bullock and J.J. Redick will be healthy soon.  Do the Clippers really need to waste a contract and roster spot on a 7th wing?

Then there's the reports that the Clippers are unsure if they want to gamble on Andrew Bynum.  Personally, I think that it's worth the risk and that you have to sign him if he'll come for the minimum, but if the FO thinks he's too much of a head case then I won't like it but I can get on board with it.

What's most confusing is the feeling that Doc Rivers doesn't think that the Clippers need another big at all when they clearly do.  We've known this since July, and nothing has changed.  Hollins and Mullens aren't good basketball players.  Jamison is inconsistent and opens the floodgates defensively.  The Clippers desperately need a 3rd big, especially because it will be incredibly lucky if both Griffin and Jordan make it through the rest of the year without missing at least a couple of games due to bumps and bruises.

So even if the Clippers decide not to pursue Andrew Bynum, I believe that they need to go after a different big man.  However, given what we're hearing and what Doc Rivers is saying, I don't know if I trust them to do that right now.