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The Daily Clipper - TGIF Edition

Two more Fridays to go before the 2014-2015 campaign kicks off! Meanwhile, check out some Clippers related headlines.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Blake Griffin's Improvement Will End NBA's Best Power Forward Debate | Bleacher Report

Exploring Kaman
In case you didn't know, our favorite goofy 7 footer has his own webseries. Here you go.

Clippers owner Steve Ballmer asks fans to come early, cheer often - LA Times
There's something Steve Ballmer wants from Clippers fans: more energy early in games.

Blake Griffin's Jump Shot
Blake Griffin stepped out and hit some jumpers and even a three. It's the preseason, but is his jumper actually legit now?

Los Angeles Clippers: Looking At The Frontcourt Rotation
The early games of Los Angeles Clippers preseason have shown that coach Doc Rivers front-court rotations need to change.

Blake Griffin shows off improved jumper with three point range. That’s not fair. | ProBasketballTalk
In the Clippers first preseason game he showed some range on his jumper.

Phil Jackson and Doc Rivers use visualization to help their players - LA Times
Phil Jackson and Doc Rivers have something in common. They use visualization techniques to help their players.

Defining Jamal Crawford's NBA Career Is More Difficult Every Passing Year | Bleacher Report
Great piece by clipperblog's Fred Katz on Jamal.

CLIPPERS FYI: Doc Rivers cuts scrimmage short - LA Times

Doc Rivers dispels Clippers' pain with his healing powers - LA Times

Doc Rivers to limit Chris Paul's, Blake Griffin's minutes - LA Times

Doc Rivers hates to do it, but he's gonna make the Clippers run lines - LA Times