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On Lily Allen, Corey Maggette and Common

The song is seven years old now, but a confluence of events compelled me to think about it and I decided to go ahead an put up a quick post.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Friday night I went to the Lily Allen concert in Hollywood. She's been one of my favorite artists in recent years, and I really enjoyed the show. She's very talented, I think her social commentary is quite good, and I just adore that accent.

It reminded me of this Common video from a few years back that features Lily Allen in the green dress on the "Driving me wild" refrain.

The song features the following line:

She been through the ball player from the Clippers,

then came the pumps off

All thinkin' she number one

where she was just a jumpoff

Corey Maggette appears in the video as the "ball player from the Clippers."

Then I saw the fanpost from citizen thePiatkowski3 that said that Maggette was going to be featured in Prime Ticket broadcasts this year, so that was another connection.

Finally, the celebrity basketball game I played in a couple years back as part of the launch of CP3's new shoe also featured Common -- who happens to be a pretty decent baller.

It seemed like the universe was telling me to watch the video again, and now I want you to also.