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The Daily Clipper — Preseason Woes Edition

We talkin' 'bout preseason?! We talkin' 'bout preseason?!

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Are the Clippers' preseason problems real? — Orange County Register
Are the Clippers' preseason problems real?

Postgame Quotes: Clippers lose at Utah — Orange County Register
Doc thinks the Clippers are only putting it together for a quarter here and there.

Five takeaways from the Clippers' exhibition loss to Trail Blazers — LA Times
Will DJ's free throw shooting continue to be an issue?

Jamal Crawford Stares Down Bench Before 3-Pointer Drops — Dime Magazine

Jamal Crawford was in high spirits last night against the Blazers, turning to the bench to say a few words before another 3-pointer dropped true. Jamal continues to prove he hated his year in Portland.

Jamal Crawford Makes Young Fan’s Night — Los Angeles Clippers
Clippers guard Jamal Crawford was browsing through his twitter account and a young fan’s tweet to him stood out. While being a killer on the court, Jamal is also a sweetheart.

Blake Griffin, no. 8 — #SLAMTop50
The definitive ranking of the NBA's best players for 2014-15.

Why Blake Griffin Will Rise in MVP Race as the Clippers Main Man — Kevin Ding

Blake or CP3?

Clippers want the best of both worlds — LA Times
It's not enough for the Clippers to routinely outscore teams while playing at a high pace offensively.

LA Clippers Highlights to Get You Pumped Up for 2014-15 Season
It's almost time for the season to begin!