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Clippers Player Profile: Glen Davis

Continuing our series of player profiles this preseason, we turn our attention to Glen "Big Baby" Davis. Davis was a major upgrade when he joined the Clippers -- but is he enough as Blake Griffin's backup?

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Glen Davis: Key Stats

PPG P/36 RPG R/36 FG% 3PT % FT%
2014 (with Clippers) 4.2 11.2 3.0 8.1 .481 .000 .783
Career 8.7 13.8 4.7 7.5 .446 .196 .706

When Glen "Big Baby" Davis joined the Los Angeles Clippers last year after reaching a buyout with the Orlando Magic, I was over the moon. I've always been a Big Baby fan, though I readily admit I like the personality more than the player. How can you not love the man responsible for this audial gem? And here I thought Barry Zito could make some tunes!

But seriously, I was stoked to get Big Baby on the squad, especially considering that it meant the departure of the Jamullens twins. I thought that his experience with the Celtics would come in handy in the playoffs and perhaps his mid-range jumper could stretch the floor a bit.

His 2014 campaign with the Clippers had highs and lows. His shooting percentages were above his career average, as were his rebounds per 36. He made some incredible plays to pump up the crowd and enough moving screen fouls to drive you mad. Baby seemed to be the only one constantly surprised by the whistles.

Throughout his career, the main knocks on Davis have been his attitude and his weight. Judging by his Instagram and Twitter, things are looking pretty positive in both arenas. However, one person might not completely agree.

I'll admit, Davis hasn't looked great in the preseason. He seems slightly lost on offense, he's taking too long to make decisions, and his shot looks a bit off. These things are correctable and I think he'll have them figured out before too long.

Even if that does happen, there is a chance Davis still won't see the floor that often. The offseason additions of Spencer Hawes and Ekpe Udoh will almost certainly push Big Baby further down the bench. I wouldn't be surprised if Udoh and Davis play musical big men, the former when we need defense and the latter when we need some O (or just an immovable object).

While I'm not expecting Davis to set the world on fire, I do think he will have his moments this season and play a big part in winning a few games — and hopefully one or two in June.

Even if he doesn't make huge contributions on the court, he is still a treasure to have waving a towel. I mean how can you not be pumped to have a fun-loving guy who gives back to the community on the end of your bench? Heck, should the worst happen and he is totally unable to contribute on the floor — a scenario I doubt will happen — we can still look forward to this.