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Clippers Training Camp — Day Three

Updates from the third day of Clippers training camp in Las Vegas.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

As was the case with the past two days, news coming out of training camp today (Day 3) has been fairly light.  This drought may be due to the fact that there is so much continuity between last year's team and this year's team.  Everything in 2013-2014 was new and fresh, and journalists were eager to get the first reaction from the players on Doc Rivers' system and the roster shakeup due to the Eric Bledsoe trade.  Aside from the basic questions, there do not seem to be that many pressing issues during this year's camp that the media is clamoring to address.  Nevertheless, here is an overview of some of the day's updates:

The Clippers started off the day by tweeting this photo from practice:

It looks like the Clippers might eventually get a little tired of Sin City, as the team suggested today that they could make Las Vegas their home away from home for future training camps:

Players seem to appreciate the state-of-the-art facilities of the UNLV campus, and Doc Rivers and Blake Griffin dismissed any concerns that Las Vegas may be simply too distracting for players during such a crucial time. The Clippers, however, do intend to take advantage of the Vegas nightlife — dinner and a show.  As Doc Rivers told the media about his players,

"They are smart and know it is a business trip, but we will enjoy some of what makes Vegas great. As a team, we are enjoying the great restaurants each night and we are going to take in a show Friday night. It's a great place to grow as a team."

Ben Bolch of the LA Times tweeted details of the starters vs. reserves scrimmages from the day: promises fans an interview with Jamal Crawford from Las Vegas, tweeting this epic photo of Crawford gazing over the Vegas Strip from a balcony of The Mandalay Bay:

And, temporarily traveling back in time, here is a sweet team photo, featuring some fresh and familiar faces, that DeAndre Jordan tweeted yesterday from the bus:

As always, it is nice to see the camaraderie!