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Clips Nation Rolls Out New Moderating Team

We're doing more than just upping our game on the front page — we're expanding our staff in the comment section too.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It's the best Clippers team in history. It's the best Clips Nation editorial staff in history.

And, we expect that the combination of these two elements will make it the best year in Clips Nation readership history. So, we're preparing for it by putting more safeguards in place in the comment section to make sure the conversation stays as intelligent and respectful as ever.

My current obligations will be taking me away from the blog much more than in years past, and since the shrinkage of my availability will coincide with a larger demand for moderation, Steve and I have deemed it appropriate to add some more moderators to our team.

Jackduhsun, peterghost, and My Dukie Twinkles are all long-time members who have the respect and trust of the CN brain trust, as well as those of our established readership base.  Steve and I will continue to try and handle the more serious issues, but we're turning to these citizens to take on more of the day-to-day moderating duties.

These three will be charged with cleaning up inappropriate comments and dealing with trolls and spam bots.  By exercising their judgment, we believe that they'll be able to do far better collectively than I did when I took over the moderating a couple years ago.

Join us in welcoming these three newest members to the Clips Nation staff in what can only be described as the most exciting time in the history of our beloved site, and join me in thanking this trio for taking on a rather thankless job as volunteers.