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Berger picks Clips to win it all...

CBS Sports analyst Ken Berger picks the Clips to win the Larry O'Brien trophy in his column this morning.

Stephen Dunn

CBS sports analyst Ken Berger picked the LA Clippers to win the Larry O'Brien trophy this coming 2014-15 season. His reasons are simple and solid:

...they also have several key ingredients you need to be a part of the championship conversation: an elite coach (Rivers), an elite point guard (Paul), a proven rim proctor (DeAndre Jordan) and a legitimate MVP candidate (Griffin)...

The article's worth reading in it's entirety and Berger's logic is cautious and logical, both referencing why he's chosen the Clips as favorites and why he discounts other teams chances.

There are, apparently, other members of the NBA cognoscenti also picking the Clips, paving the way for massive critical backlash. Get used to it Clipper fans, somewhere in the last four years, the world turned inside out and upside down.

This is WAY BETTER than it used to be.