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Joe Ingles is an NBA player after all

The Clippers signed Australian Joe Ingles to audition for their troublesome small forward spot, but he was the final roster cut over the weekend. The Utah Jazz picked him up off waivers and he made his NBA debut tonight.

Christian Petersen

A bit under the radar (Larson had it in The Daily Clipper yesterday) — the Utah Jazz picked up the most famous Australian Los Angeles Clipper of all time on Monday when Joe Ingles cleared waivers. And Ingles made his NBA debut tonight in Utah's loss to Houston, playing four minutes and missing his only shot.

Adrian Wojnarowski has a tidbit that I had not seen before, implying that the Clippers kept Jared Cunningham over Ingles because of injury worries at the point guard spot — I guess that would be about Jordan Farmar's back — and that they had an interest in possibly re-signing Ingles after he cleared waivers. It's not much of a plan as plans go — but certainly the Clippers can keep an eye on Ingles.

It seems that Ingles and his agent may have known that he could land somewhere when he accepted an unguaranteed deal to join the Clippers. It never made much sense to me that he would leave a great situation in the EuroLeague without a guaranteed contract, to try to make a loaded roster. But he is in the league.