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The Daily Clipper — Only 3 'TGIFs' To Go Before Season Opens Edition

That's right, much like a Child at Christmas time, you and I have been counting down the days until the 2014-15 tips off. Only a few left and we will get to unwrap our gifts! Meanwhile, like the Toy R Us catalog, peruse the following links in today's DC.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Doc Rivers on DeAndre Jordan: ‘He won’t ever accept a contract extension. Why would he?’ — ProBasketballTalk
Clippers could offer Jordan a three-year extension, but he'll likely hold out for a longer deal next summer.

Clippers Defensive Anchor DeAndre Jordan Breaks Down the Art of Shot-Blocking — Bleacher Report

If you're only going to read one article today, it should be this one. Jared Zwerling has an excellent interview with DJ about his defensive mindset and thought process. Very interesting read.

Is It Time for Blake Griffin to Take Charge of Los Angeles Clippers' Fate? — Bleacher Report

Lost amid Paul's poor play, in his attempt to do it all for the Clippers in crunch time, was the absence of any meaningful contributions from Griffin. The four-time All-Star didn't make a single shot from the field in that fourth quarter and didn't so much as attempt one during the final five minutes of play. His lone contributions in the clutch? A pair of rebounds, a block and one made free throw, with another miss during his trip to the stripe.

Ekpe Udoh will try to add depth to the Clippers — LA Times

The player: Ekpe Udoh

Clippers' DeAndre Jordan is more driven by last season's slights — LA Times
You don't have to ask DeAndre Jordan twice or once, even about his perceived defensive player of the year snub last season to figure out how he feels.

Clippers & Las Vegas a Natural Fit for Training Camp — Los Angeles Clippers
It’s a four-hour drive from Los Angeles, 42 minutes by air. 270 total miles separates Los Angeles to Las Vegas, the training camp home of the Los Angeles Clippers. An NBA team has never had training camp in Vegas until now and from the sound of it, the Clippers may have found themselves a permanent training camp home.

Farmar brings his own style to Clippers — The Orange County Register

Clippers' Spencer Hawes is passing aggressive — LA Times
The newest resident of Lob City seems to have it all backward.

Blake Griffin's Super.Fly 3 shoes hit stores Oct. 1
Back in August, Jordan Brand unveiled the newest design of Blake Griffin's Super.Fly shoe line. Those shoes will be available on Oct. 1, and Blake Griffin. Check out today's front page article for more info on these and other Clippers signature kicks.

What Would Shooting Only One Free Throw Do to an Offense? — Nylon Calculus
The idea of shooting one free throw (of different values depending on the foul) has been floated in the NBA and D-League. How would that change an offense?

Los Angeles Clippers: New Faces
The Los Angeles Clippers fortified their bench during the offseason, adding Spencer Hawes, Ekpe Udoh, Jordan Farmar, and getting rid of Jared Dudley.

Los Angeles Clippers Media Day: Has Blake Griffin Surpassed CP3 as No. 1 Guy? — Bleacher Report
With the Donald Sterling controversy behind them, the Los Angeles Clippers enter this season with high hopes as they look to capture an NBA title. I am not sure why Ding (who covers the lakers for BR) is talking about the team instead of DJ Foster... (Update from Adithya: Did a little digging, and as of a few days ago, DJ Foster is apparently no longer with Bleacher Report)

How Good Can Deandre Jordan Be? — Fully Clips
How good can Clippers' C Deandre Jordan be? and Sam Frishman analyze DAandre's potential.

Ralph Lawler: This Could Be Chris Paul’s Best Season Yet — The Beast 980
The longtime voice of the Los Angeles Clippers, Ralph Lawler, will join Marques Johnson and Jeanne Zelasko on The Home Team every weekday morning throughout the NBA season in a segment we call The Ralph Lawler Show.

Police called to Donald Sterling's home by Shelly Sterling — ESPN Los Angeles
Beverly Hills police were called to the home of Donald Sterling after his estranged wife, Shelly, reported a burglary, but found no crime.

How Long Does It Take For Three Point Shooting To Stabilize? — Nylon Calculus

How many attempts does it take for a player's three-point shooting to become statistically stable?