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Clippers Training Camp — Day Four

It's Friday night in Las Vegas. Do you know where your Clippers are?

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Ah, Vegas, the American capital of team-building.

Much of the news out of Clippers training camp has been the same — everybody feels goodthe chemistry is there, they might make Las Vegas their permanent training camp home, and dinner and a show together is all the nightlife they need. It looks like this is a case of no news being good news, since a tumultuous camp often leads to a tumultuous preseason, which leads to thinking that the world "tumultuous" is a really weird word. It also means that everyone has remained completely injury-free. So, let's recap the day!

The Clippers posted this video of Blake Griffin and Hedo Turkoglu working on their soccer skills by kicking a basketball around and bouncing it off their heads, like a couple of mature adults getting ready for a long NBA season. Look, guys, we were all excited by the World Cup, but basketballs are heavy and you're freaking me out (but still, the athleticism!).

Big Baby's weight loss is no matter to Doc Rivers.

Finally, those of us who were waiting with bated breath to see if Diplo approves of training camp can breathe easy now.

And here, we see Doc and Dip just talkin' pick and rolls and bass drops, I guess.

I must say, I'm not as familiar with Diplo as some are, but I can tell for sure that this guy is mad cool. I mean, look at those sunglasses! And indoors! Such ease.

But back to basketball. Would you look at that form?!

The great Ralph Lawler posted this sweet photo, from the UNLV facility where the Clippers are holding camp:

Also worth sharing is yet another sweet photo of the great Ralph Lawler, killin' it in those jeans:

Lastly, in case you missed it, the Clippers announced today that they'll be holding a free, open to the public scrimmage at the Galen Center on Wednesday.

Only one more day of training camp remains — what might Saturday hold? Probably less Diplo.