Questions and More Questions???

Are these the same Clippers from last year?

The Clips produced enough bricks to build Ballmer a new mansion. Were the 87 shots (this a record?) attempted by design? Is this our newest offense strategy? Outshoot the other team by 20 shots? After the preseason games and this opener, there are so many things not yet happening that could spell disaster for the team in the next 10 games. Nothing is too early to point out if they are so prominently basic such as rebounding (-14), defense, foul throw shooting....hello!!!???

I could not believe that I’m seeing the reincarnation of Gomes in CDR.

Hawes impersonation of Mullens last night was just perfect.

And when CP3 missed those two critical foul throws and Reddick those two corner 3 shots (alone!) made me shudder.

I don’t even understand what CP3’s comments were about the team establishing identity? How could this be when we have basically the same 5 players starting and the bench only added Hawes and Farmar? Was he referring to the style of play that the new coaches are implementing? If it is, then, why change the style that gave us 57 wins and made us top 5 in the offense and top 10 in the defense? We still have the same 11 players that played together last year. And whatever happened to our exciting fast breaks? Nobody seems to run anymore..again something new?

Just saying...

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