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Clippers Training Camp — Final Day

The Clippers finish their 2014 training camp with one last day in the desert.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It was a momentous final day in Las Vegas for your Los Angeles Clippers. The club wrapped up this year's training camp with a flourish as Blake Griffin dunked over a white tiger and Spencer Hawes woke up with a baby and without a tooth.

Well, that's what I would like to have started with. Unsurprisingly and unfortunately for yours truly, there were few happenings during this fifth and final day.

Blake tried even more corner 3-pointers, providing grateful Clippers' media with consistent food for tweet.

From the look of that picture, Blake has a release like lightning. Or Dan Woike has an older phone.

Dan Woike followed up with Blake and confirmed that the forward won't actively search out opportunities from the corner. Considering that most of the Clippers' important offensive possessions will be built around Blake's high post passing or pick and roll diving prowess, the only reason Blake should find himself in the corner of the court is when diving for a loose ball.

Jovan Buha also nommed on Blake's shooting, complimenting his improving step-back jumper.

That is a shot that Blake is more likely to use, certainly as a bail-out option in the waning seconds of offensive possessions that have been repelled elsewhere.

Hopefully, though, he won't be relying on this particular shot:

Maybe he's practicing for a shoe commercial.

Jovan Buha also took this picture of a lonely Jordan Farmar.

Blake's form looks pretty good, too.

On, Dennis Rogers wrote about all the new additions, both to the coaching staff and the roster.

The website posted this video of Jamal Crawford sitting down with Clippers radio man Brian Sieman and Brian Sieman's sideburns. Jamal talks about continuity, chemistry, and staying in shape. Watch the video if you want to see DeAndre dancing shirtless, Blake backing up a van, and Spencer Hawes looking like John Rambo in a red headband.

The website also posted this video of Ralph Lawler previewing the forthcoming season while sitting in front of former UNLV coach Jerry Tarkanian, who appears to be frozen in carbonite. Poor Tark. You should already be acquainted with Ralph and Jerry from yesterday's Training Camp recap.

All in all a quiet camp, and for this iteration of the Clippers, a quiet camp is a healthy camp is a good camp.

Here's to Tuesday, when the Clippers play preseason ball against the Hated Ones from the North. And here's to next fall, when the World Champion Los Angeles Clippers will return to Las Vegas.